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Proper appliance installation

Sometimes it does make more sense to buy a new appliance rather than repeatedly repairing an aging one. Considering that major household appliances are the most expensive items in your home, it makes sense to ensure that they are installed properly and safely.


Installing new appliances can often present unforeseen problems, such as dealing with space requirements, the  accessibility of electrical outlets, water pipes and gas lines, and the removal and disposal of your existing appliance.

Let us take care of this for you, so you can be certain your new appliance is installed properly and safely.

Ensuring your safety

It's important to remember that some appliances can be dangerous for you to install without proper training and experience. If you're not comfortable working with electrical current and gas lines, call the professionals at All Brand Appliance Service, LLC.


We'll make sure your new purchase is properly and safely installed and is inspected to make sure it's working correctly.


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Professional appliance installations

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